Justin Threlkeld
Experience designer, strategist, and architect


# Lonely Planet service booking widgets

development, UX

Working as a UX developer embedded in the marketing and partnerships team, I designed and implemented a set of key landing pages for service booking—from car rentals to transfers.

The team consisted of a myself, a designer, and a content writer. We worked closely with the partnerships facilitator to understand the business objectives of each page, which we then laid out collage style, using components from our custom Rizzo component library to visualize each page and ensure that all the necessary components were present.

We then worked with our partnership service providers to integrate their APIs into custom branded modules that met the needs of our travelers, including full device responsiveness, browser support to Internet Explorer 6, light localization, and reasonable page load on low-bandwidth connections.

These modules were then pushed back to Rizzo, our industry-leading component engine, as widgets to be reused across Lonely Planet's digital products. After deployment we then worked with our data scientist to design experiments to explore opportunities to increase usability and conversions. The resulting improvements were implemented through the Rizzo library, allowing all instances of each widget to receive improvements immediately.